ASAM Project Guide

This guide is a work in progress and subject to change!

Hosted version available at: ASAM Project Guide (Link)

Includes: Standard template, manuals, guidelines, build + test, resources. All standard are written after one version of the ASAM proect guide.

Chapter structure draft

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview

  1. ASAM general process of a project (ASAM Project Handbook, wiki)

    1. General standard development

    2. Working Model (workgroups)

    3. Issue-driven workflow

    4. Review, Release

  2. Deliverables of ASAM standards (standard documentation, user guide, UML model, examples, what shall not be included (e.g. implementation, tool))

  3. Standard Tools

    1. VSCode

    2. GitLab

    3. git

    4. local build asciidoctor

  1. Project Lead Guide

  1. Editorial Guide (Redaktionleitfaden)

    1. Asciidoc syntax reference/conventions

    2. Writing Rules, Spelling

    3. Checklist for technical writer

    4. Document types

      1. Document structure

      2. Fragment types

    5. Terminology concept

  1. Handling repos

  2. Pipeline internals

  3. Release Process & Tagging & gitattributes

  4. GitLab Workflow and Branching

Standard Template


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