Prompt-aligned Gradient for Prompt Tuning

We present Prompt-aligned Gradient, dubbed ProGrad, to prevent prompt tuning from forgetting the the general knowledge learned from VLMs. In particular, ProGrad only updates the prompt whose gradient is aligned (or non-conflicting) to the “general direction”, which is represented as the gradient of the KL loss of the pre-defined prompt prediction. Extensive experiments demonstrate the stronger few-shot generalization ability of ProGrad over state-of-the-art prompt tuning methods.


The codes are organized into two folders:

  1. Dassl.ProGrad.pytorch is the modified toolbox of Dassl.pytorch.
  2. ProGrad.public. To get the results in our paper, follow the under ProGrad.public/ to set the environment.


If you find our paper or this project helps your research, please kindly consider citing our paper in your publication.



Our codes are built on top of CoOp and Dassl.


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