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Prot1ntelligence is a Python 🐍 script for the OSINT & Cyber Community. You will be able to gain intelligence on:

  • ProtonMail accounts/users
  • ProtonVPN IP adresses
  • ProtonMail PGP Keys of users
  • Digital Footprints left by the ProtonMail user on the Clear and Dark Web.

Requirements 🐍

Python 3

Make sure that you have:

  • Beautiful Soup (pip3 install beautifulsoup4)
  • Requests (pip3 install requests)
  • Google (pip3 install google)

Prot1ntelligence video 🎬

When viewing on Youtube, make sure you view from a PC, and put YouTube video settings to 4K.

Watch the video

Installation ⚙️

git clone
cd Prot1ntelligence
pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt depending on your set-up.


Prot1ntelligence’s Modules


The Alpha Module confirms if a ProtonMail email address exists and is VALID.
It also works for custom domains and "catch all" email addresses.


The Bravo Module is a logical follow to Module ALPHA, you confirmed that the email address of the target is VALID.
Now you can use BRAVO to check for Digital Footprints of the target on open source websites,
simply by running a search with the target email using quotation marks as a DORK to get an exact match.


The Charlie Module runs a search on the dark web Target Digital Footprints


The Delta Module finds information on the ProtonMail user PGP Key, Key creation date and Encryption standard.
If we are sure the target didn't generate a new PGP Key, the date is also the ProtonMail account creation date.
You can also request the download of the PGP Key, and add it to your KeyChain to send an encrypted email to the target. 


The Echo Module confirms if the IP address you have for the target is an IP address belonging to ProtonVPN 

Disclaimer ⚠️

This tool is for the OSINT and Cyber community, don't use it for wrong, immoral, or illegal reasons. I am not responsible for any damage that you cause.

Tool Improvements 🔧

If you would like to change some code within the tool or if you have any suggestions, please submit your thoughts here on github or contact me via Twitter or Keybase:

License ⚖️


Thanks 🙏

Thanks to Joe Gray for his great courses and the knowledge he passed on to me.

Thanks to White Hat Inspector and Justin Seitz for their OSINT Automation with Python knowledge sharing

Thanks also to my CTF Teammates:Cyberologue, D0c_Kali, fs0c131y, Gimli, Mauraura

Support 💗

This tool took me a good few weeks to make, if you like it and it’s useful for you, please feel free to make a donation for my work by clicking on the KO-FI Badge or the BITCOIN Badge at the top of this readme file, simply scan the BTC QR Code to get my BTC Address.

Mention 📢

The tool has 3 modules based on PROTOSINT made by Pixelbubble. As Protosint does not work for a module, and is missing some search modules, that is why I decided to make something different for my first project but some code and ideas was forked from:


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