Lollo’s matchmaking algorithm

Provide player’s names and mmr and generate mathematically balanced teams


How to use

  • Fill the input.json file with your friend’s data: everyone need to have their mmr
  • Open the and see the result

The team score is the sum of all his components’ mmr; the program will show the team that has the lowest difference (a.k.a. the most balanced team)

TIP: After a game softly edit players’ mmr depending on their in-game performance


This software is released under the MIT license. Feel free to browse through the code as you like, and if you end up making any improvements or changes, please do not hesitate to make a pull request. ?

N.B.: This is my first python program and my first github public project! For any suggestion, please write me on discord (Lollo#9343) or open an issue here on github


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