Pre-commit Configuration Guide

The main aim of this repository is to act as a guide on how to configure the pre-commit hooks in your existing python projects.

Pre-commit hooks are small “scripts” that are run locally on staged files when using the git commit command. Basically these scripts run each time right when you try to commit your code locally. We can set configurations such that code quality is checked each time we attempt to commit the code and commit is prevented if the pre-defined standards are not met. This ensures that only quality code gets staged and is pushed to the repository.

Instructions to configure the pre-commit hooks

Navigate to your project’s root directory and activate your virtual environment

Install the required packages

pip install pre-commit
pip install pylint

Copy files

Copy the following files from this project to your own project’s root directory

  • .pre-commit-config.yaml
  • .flake8
  • pyproject.toml

Install the pre-commit

Run these commands within your virtual environment:

pre-commit install

Stage your files

Note that pre-commit runs only on files that you have already staged; meaning that you have already performed the git add command on them So if you have not staged your changes yet, you can do so with the following command

git add .

Now the pre-commit script will check your project’s formatting when you attempt to commit your code. Commit is approved only when the pre-commit script finds your code well formatted and documented.

Note: You can also run the pre-commit script without attempting to commit (for test purposes). Use the command below to run the pre-commit script manually.

pre-commit run --all-files


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