• Python3
  • Python3 requests module

Usage and details:

cisco_ASA_format_CriticalPathSecurity.py and cisco_ASA_format_gnremy.py

Will download a public IP List and format it to be used on a Cisco ASA.
This will create a txt file with the configuration ready to be copy-pasted into a Cisco ASA, it will create a Network Group named “Log4j_Blacklist_IP” with all IP as hosts inside of it.
Deleting the Netwrok Group will also delete all hosts.

extract_CriticalPathSecurity_list.py and extract_gnremy_list.py

Will download a public IP List and create a list with IP only, one per line in a txt file.

IP List Sources

Critical Path Security gits:
gnremy gits: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/gnremy/c546c7911d5f876f263309d7161a7217


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