pseudometa’s dotfiles

Why this repository?

  • These files are symlinked into a cloud drive for synchronization.
  • They uploaded to git for backups and version history.
  • A public GitHub repository also enables easier sharing of individual configuration with others

Meta Files

These files only exist for the purpose of backup:

  • .gitignore: sensitive settings which files really need backuping and which do not.
  • the local cron job triggers this script, which in turn runs the git backups automatically every half hour (if there are changes.)

Special Explanations

  • The CSS3 Sublime Package has to be symlinked and cannot be installed automatically via listing in Package Control settings, since I modified it manually. (Removing autocompletions to avoid overlap with the lsp-css package.)

Got an idea for an improvement?

Feel free to open an issue to suggest an improvement to my settings! ?