PunkScape Discord Bot

Merged PunkScape example

A Discord bot created for the Discord server of PunkScapes, a banner NFT project.
It was intially created to lookup rarities of scapes but subsequently updated to perfrom other tasks like creating dyptichs.


Install requirements.txt in a Python env (tested with 3.9). Run python bot.py and provide the required arguments via command line attributes or environment variables.

  • --bot-token|PS_BOT_TOKEN: Bot token generated by Discord
  • --endpoint-url|PS_ENDPOINT_URL: WebSocket endpoint url, e.g., Infura
  • --data-dir|PS_DATA_DIR: Path to a directoy containing the PunkScape metadata in a data.json and an images folder with all small PunkScape images named 1.png, 2.png, …


Call it with !punkscape help in the Official PunkScape Discord server to get a list of all supported commands.


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