Library for Python 3.9+ to push text message or audio file with the Google Home.Originally made by - Thomas Deblock (@tdeblock) I have expanded most of the code quite a bit little of the original remains, but the idea came from Mr.Deblock.This is a sorta v2 for the googlehomepush module they made.


finally a pypi!!!!!!!

pip install googlecontroller

Depending On


How to use

from googlecontroller import GoogleAssistant
from googlecontroller.http_server import serve_file # for local files
host = "ip"
home = GoogleAssistant(host=host)

#When serving media NEVER USE A \ ONLY USE /
#when doing your first home.serve_media you have to include a 3rd variable, opentunnle!For that 1 first time you have to set it manually to a 0!
#opentunnel = 0
#like this home.serve_media("YourMedia.mp3", "C:/Users/YOU!/Music/", opentunnel)
#**then never use that variable again**
home.serve_media("YourMedia.mp3", "C:/Users/YOU!/Music/") # 1st is the name of the media, second is the full path to media location!

.say(text, speed,ignore, lang)

Push a message on Google home

  • text is the test message to say
  • speed is the rate of speed of the message ranges from 0.000+ as slowest to 1 as normal speed.
  • ignore ignore if audio is playing and play it regardless if ignore=True and only play if not playing if ignore=False or is not specified.
  • lang the text language, default value is 'en' to change it have lang = 'language' as described in google translate en-Us, es (spanish), ect

.play(url, ignore, contentType = 'audio/mp3'):

Push a sound to Google home

  • url an audio file URL
  • ignore ignore if audio is playing and play it regardless if ignore=True and only play if not playing.If ignore is not specified it will be set to False.
  • contentType the audio file content type


  • volumelevel the volume level from 0-100 Example: home.volume(5) or home.volume(volumelevel=5). If you want to take it as user input you can do home.volume(volumelevel=input()).


  • Dray-Cyber
GitHub - dray-cyber/googlecontroller: Google Controller
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