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What is My-AutoPylot?

PyBots is an Indian firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat. My-AutoPylot is a product developed based on Python. Its a RPA framework for developers and common people to create Software BOTs. Using AI, we’re working on Common Man’s RPA.


My-AutoPylot is currently supported on Windows only ! (For macOS and Linux : Comming soon.)

Windows :

  • My-AutoPylot is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

  • Installing on a Windows PC is a breeze.

  • Make certain that Python 3.8 or Python 3.9 is installed.

  • Then, from the command prompt, execute the following command.

    pip install -U my-autopylot


My-AutoPylot can be accessed using one of two methods.

Windows :

  • Terminal : Opens a Python interpreter using the command ” import my-autopylot as ap “

  • Code Editor or IDE : Import My-AutoPylot first, and then run the file in Python.

    # ap_bot.py
    import my_autopylot as ap
    python ap_bot.py

My-AutoPylot in Action

Now access more than 100 functions (hit ctrl+space in your IDE)

TIP: You can find and inspect all of My-AutoPylot’s functions using only one function i.e., find(). Just pass the partial name of the function.



  • 4 functions on Mouse Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.mouse_click() x=” “, y=” “, left_or_right=”left”, no_of_clicks=1, type_of_movement=”abs or rel” Clicks at the given X Y Co-ordinates on the screen using ingle / double / triple click(s). Optionally copies selected data to clipboard (works for double / triple clicks)
ap.mouse_move() x=” “, y=” “, type_of_movement=”abs or rel” Moves the cursor to the given X Y Co-ordinates
ap.mouse_drag_from_to() x1=” “, y1=” “, x2=” “,y2=” “ Clicks and drags from X1 Y1 co-ordinates to X2 Y2 Co-ordinates on the screen
ap.mouse_search_snip_return_coordinates_x_y() img=” “, wait=10 Searches the given image on the screen and returns its center of X Y co-ordinates.

  • 8 functions on Window Operations (works only in Windows OS):

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.windows_show_desktop() None Minimizes all the applications and shows Desktop.
ap.windows_launch_app() pathOfExeFile=” “ Launches any exe or batch file or excel file etc.
ap.window_get_active_window() None Launches any exe or batch file or excel file etc.
ap.window_activate_window() window_title=” “ Launches any exe or batch file or excel file etc.
ap.window_get_all_opened_titles_windows() window_title=” “ Gives the title of all the existing (open) windows.
ap.window_activate_and_maximize_windows() windowName=” “ Activates and maximizes the desired window.
ap.window_minimize_windows() windowName=” “ Activates and minimizes the desired window.
ap.window_close_windows() windowName=” “ Close the desired window.

  • 8 functions on Folder Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.folder_read_text_file() txt_file_path=” “ Reads from a given text file and returns entire contents as a single list
ap.folder_write_text_file() txt_file_path=” “, contents=” “ Writes given contents to a text file
ap.folder_create() strFolderPath=” “ When you are making leaf directory, if any intermediate-level directory is missing, folder_create() method creates them.
ap.folder_create_text_file() textFolderPath=” “, txtFileName=” “ Creates text file in the given path.
ap.folder_get_all_filenames_as_list() strFolderPath=” “, extension=’all’ Get all the files of the given folder in a list.
ap.folder_delete_all_files() fullPathOfTheFolder=” “, file_extension_without_dot=”all” Deletes all the files of the given folder
ap.file_rename() old_file_path=”, new_file_name=”, print_status=True Renames the given file name to new file name with same extension.
ap.file_get_json_details() path_of_json_file=”, section=” Returns all the details of the given section in a dictionary

  • 3 functions on Keyboard Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.key_press() key_1=”, key_2=”, key_3=”, write_to_window=” “ Emulates the given keystrokes.
ap.key_write_enter() text_to_write=” “, write_to_window=” “, delay_after_typing=1, key=”e” Writes/Types the given text and press enter (by default) or tab key.
ap.key_hit_enter() write_to_window=” “ Enter key will be pressed once.

  • 5 functions on Screen-scraping Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.scrape_save_contents_to_notepad() folderPathToSaveTheNotepad=” “, switch_to_window=” “,X=0, Y=0 Copy pastes all the available text on the screen to notepad and saves it.
ap.screen_clear_search() delay=0.2 Clears previously found text (crtl+f highlight)
ap.search_highlight_tab_enter_open() searchText=” “, hitEnterKey=”Yes”, shift_tab=’No’ Searches for a text on screen using crtl+f and hits enter. This function is useful in Citrix environment.
ap.find_text_on_screen() searchText=” “, delay=0.1, occurance=1, isSearchToBeCleared=False Clears previous search and finds the provided text on screen.

  • 11 functions on Browser Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
driver = ap.ChromeBrowser() Function to launch browser and start the session.
driver.open_browser() dummy_browser=True,
Function to launch browser and start the session.
driver.navigate() url=” “ Navigates to Specified URL.
driver.write() Value=” “, User_Visible_Text_Element=” “ Write a string on the given element.
driver.mouse_click() User_Visible_Text_Element=” “, element=” “,
double_click=False, right_click=False
Click on the given element.
driver.mouse_hover() User_Visible_Text_Element=” “ Performs a Mouse Hover over the Given User Visible Text Element
driver.scroll() direction=”down”, weight=”100″ px Scrolls the browser window.
driver.key_press() key_1=” “, key_2=” “ Type text using Browser Helium Functions and press hot keys
driver.hit_enter() None Hits enter KEY using Browser Helium Functions
driver.wait_until() text=” “, element=”t” Wait until a specific element is found.
driver.refresh_page() None Refresh the page.
driver.set_waiting_time() time=10 Set the waiting time for the self.browser_driver. If element is not found in the given time, it will raise an exception.
driver.find_element() element_xpath=”xpath” Find the element using xpath.
driver.get_text() element_xpath=” “, element=”t” Wait until a specific element is found.
driver.close() None Close the Helium browser.

  • 3 functions on String Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.string_remove_special_characters() inputStr=” “ Removes all the special character.
ap.string_extract_only_alphabets() inputString=” “ Returns only alphabets from given input string
ap.string_extract_only_numbers() inputString=” “ Returns only numbers from given input string

  • Some miscellaneous functions:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
ap.clear_screen() None Clears Python Interpreter Terminal Window Screen
ap.print_with_magic_color() strMsg:str=” “, magic:bool=False Function to color and format terminal output
ap.show_emoji() strInput=” “ Function which prints Emojis
ap.download_this_file() url=” “ Downloads a given url file to BOT output folder or Browser’s Download folder
ap.pause_program() seconds=”5″ Stops the program for given seconds

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