pybuster v1.1

pybuster is a tool that is used to brute-force URLs of web servers.


  • Directory busting (URI)
  • URL replace patterns (put PYBUSTER in URL for it to get replaced with current word)
  • Multiple threads
  • Clean data outputting
  • Custom success status code selection
  • Custom wordlist selection

Command Line Usage

usage: mode [-h] --wordlist WORDLIST --threads THREADS --url URL [--success SUCCESS]

positional arguments:
  mode                 Mode to run pybuster [dir,subdomain]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --wordlist WORDLIST  Full path to wordlist
  --threads THREADS    Number of threads to use
  --url URL            URL to check
  --success SUCCESS    Success status codes, split by comma [optional]

Why should i use this over gobuster?

The gobuster tool might be overall quicker, and it might be better in other fields, but;

  • This tool runs on python3, which is pre-installed on most systems
  • It uses pip3 for modules, and it only requires one, requests, which is already installed in most systems
  • It is easier to understand python code over go code, when you aren’t a programmer, thus you can easily edit this.
  • Faster setup, you dont need to install golang, you can start it directly.

Changes in v1.1

Features below, +;

  • Added subdomain search mode
  • Changed cli usage, changed “dns” to “subdomain”
  • Use python3 subdomain to start to scan for subdomains
  • The url shall not change, do not try to do, this will break the tool, it will automatically do that, just write out the URL normally, like;
  • Minor changes to outputting

Changes in v1.0

First stable release, with main features, +:

  • Clean outputting
  • Easy exiting out of threads
  • Cleaner display of found URLs/URIs
  • Time formatting better, still need to modify a small thing, when time is 1am, 5 minutes, it will show 1:5, but it should show 01:05.
  • Mode still not changing anything, although you can use pattern to check for subdomains and other things
  • Slightly modified src/ to make it less CPU intensive, so more threads can run.
  • Exiting only requires you to press enter
  • Cleaner exiting summary.

Changes in v0.1.0

  • Can select mode (still only dir mode is fully supported)
  • used python argparse module for cleaner commandline arguments
  • URL pattern to replace, you can put PYBUSTER in the URL, and it will replace it with the current wordlist item. Example: (do NOT put PYBUSTER in the end of the URL, for example; /PYBUSTER, it will start checking the URL like this; /wordlist_item/wordlist_item!)

Changes in v0.0.1

  • Added base files
  • Support for dir mode
  • Custom thread selection
  • CLI-like interface for displaying data while-running, no long outputs
  • On exit, show a summary of what happend
  • Pipe between threads
  • Stop on command
  • Custom wordlist selection
  • Custom sucess status selection


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