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PyDuinoCoin is a simple python integration for the DuinoCoin REST API, that allows developers to communicate with DuinoCoin Main Server.


PyDuinoCoin is available on the Python Package Index (PyPI):

You can install PyDuinoCoin using pip.

$ pip install pyduinocoin

Making queries

You can use the DuinoClient object instance to perform queries.

Most methods of the DuinoClient class have the same name as the REST API endpoints.

Check out the REST API Documentation:

All responses will return a DictObj object or a list object. All dict objects in the response will be transformed into DictObj. You can access to the data of a DictObj object as you would with a dict object, or do it through the attributes. An example to illustrate this:

client = DuinoClient()
response = client.user('example')

# It is the same::
for response['balance']['username']
for response.balance['username']
for response['balance'].username
for response.balance.username # I love this one

# DictObj is iterable:
for key, value in response.items():


Usage examples can be found in the /examples folder of the project


You can run the tests via the command line.

Place your terminal at the root of the project and run the following command.

$ python -m unittest discover tests "*"


@revoxhere by duco-rest-api for the REST API documented. @dansinclair25 by duco-rest-api for the original REST API.


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