Pylorawan is a Micropython wrapper for lorawan devices from RAK Wireless.

Tested on a Raspberry PI Pico with a RAK4200(H) Evaluation Board (868MHz) (bought direct from RAK Wireless: )

It uses the RAK devices AT commands to join the network and send the data

How do I use this?

  1. Create an account on The Things Network / The Things Stack Community Edition and register your device and create an application
  2. Use Thonny to edit the with the keys from your device and The Things Network (TTN)
  3. Ensure that you use the right region (I’m in Europe, so I use EU868, in the USA you would use: US915, in India: IN865 etc)
  4. Connect the Pico and the RAK 4200 device. Ensuring that:
    • The Pico UART0 Tx connects to the UART Rx on the RAK device
    • The Pico UART0 Rx connects to the UART Tx on the RAK device
  5. Upload the 2 files, pylorawan and to the Pico using Thonny
  6. Open in Thonny and hit play. If debug is set to True, you should get debug like this: Thonny Pylorawan Debug of OTAA Join

And when connected, hopefully a few seconds later, in the TTN console you should see this: TTN showing the message we sent


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