PyMusic Player is a music player written in python3. It harvests raw youtube URL’s soundcloud URL’s apple music URL’s and spotify.


Python MUST be added to path, or else the requirements will not be able to self install.
(gonna use sys to grab the py exe path to fix this.)

Packages will auto install now. (used sys.executable to grab python exe)


In order to enable spotify querys you must paste your API keys into the config.json file in /src

Paste the client token and client secret in there and it will work.


Logger console:

Console Mode:
( meant for simple usage or debug. NOT pretty.)


Couldn’t have made this without the following people and projects!

  • Anthony (PythonSerious) | Lead scripter/designer
  • Colby | Bug Patcher / Tester
  • David | Bug Patcher / Tester


  • PySimpleGUI (GUI)
  • spotipy (spotify resolver)
  • youtubesearchpython (searcher for yt)
  • YT-DLP (Faster Youtube-dl alternative, great resource)
  • BS4 (Scraper for apple music)
  • VLCpython (Main handler for audio)
  • LIBVLC (Actual framework for audio playing)


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