PyMXS Stubs generator


Pymxs, the 3DsMax bindings of Maxscript to Python doesn’t come with any stubs.
This is an attempt at generating stubs automatically by inspecting running code.

Generate stubs

Run in 3DsMax to generate stubs. Tested with 3DsMax 2021 (Python3).

Use stubs

Copy the pymxs.pyi file to a path where you’d usually be able to call import pymxs from.

These Stubs come as they are: I make no promises that they work or cover all your needs.


  • Open Directory in VSCode
  • Pick the 3Ds Max Python as your interpreter
  • Unzip latest MXSPyCom Release into /mxspycom
  • Run debug/ in Max
  • Run Debug configuration Python: Remote Attach
  • Run task Execute Script in 3Ds Max on file

Current scope

  • Works in 3Ds Max 2021
  • Works with Python 3
  • Gets properties of most 3DsMax objects

Missing from current version (to do)

  • Signatures for max script calls (need to go into __new__ constructors of the objects)
  • Some properties get skipped as the object they belong to can’t be generated without the correct signature
  • No #Struct object types
  • No properties for regular object types (like Array)
  • Not all properties have the right hint (alot will still say None because they need initialization)
  • Some Max Scene clean up before, after, during script exectuion (this creates a TON of objects in your Max Scene)
  • Check other performance optimizations like turn off viewport rendering as applicable
  • Checking if everything is correct, including order of the pyi
  • Captialization rules – right now names are read as is, but might be worth enforcing some lowercase or CamelCase rules
  • Less hacky code
  • Streamline debug/development process
  • Encoding definition of pyi file
  • Callable for properties/arguments that need it


Please feel free to fork and push Pull Requests my way. Also issues are welcome – in that case please include as much detail as possible.


Autodesk License

3Ds Max, the maxscript API, pymxs and all other items belong to Autodesk.


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