h3-pyspark: Uber's H3 Hexagonal Hierarchical Geospatial Indexing System in PySpark

PySpark bindings for the H3 core library.

For available functions, please see the vanilla Python binding documentation at:


From PyPI:

pip install h3-pyspark

From conda

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install h3-pyspark


>>> from pyspark.sql import SparkSession, functions as F
>>> import h3_pyspark
>>> spark = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate()
>>> df = spark.createDataFrame([{"lat": 37.769377, "lng": -122.388903, 'resolution': 9}])
>>> df = df.withColumn('h3_9', h3_pyspark.geo_to_h3('lat', 'lng', 'resolution'))
>>> df.show()

|      lat|        lng|resolution|           h3_9|
|37.769377|-122.388903|         9|89283082e73ffff|


Bump version in setup.cfg


python3 -m build
python3 -m twine upload --repository pypi dist/*

GitHub - kevinschaich/h3-pyspark at pythonawesome.com
PySpark bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system - GitHub - kevinschaich/h3-pyspark at pythonawesome.com