A TODO-list tool written in Python. Its goal is to

  • provide a stable posibility to get a good view over all your TODOs
  • motivate you to actually finish your tasks instead of procrastinating


You can either make your own implementation by just using as a module, or use for a rudimentary interface.

Quick documentation

PyTD stores its tasklists as a YAML file, following this structure (for single tasks as well as tasklists):

  desc: <oneline-description>
  done: <bool>
    <requirements/smaller bits of the parent task, following the same structure>
Tasks vs. TaskLists

A Task represent something that you have to do. It may have subtasks, a.k.a. smaller parts of a task. They are, from a structural standpoint, equal to a normal Task. A TaskList is also very similar to a Task, except that it has no parents (like you), and is therefore the root of your task structure. It's also what's actually saved.

Coming soon

  • ncurses UI: have a smoother and more satisfying experience doing your tasks
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