pytest plugin providing a function to check if pytest is running.


Install with:

python -m pip install pytest-is-running

Python 3.6 to 3.10 supported.

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pytest will automatically find the plugin and use it when you run pytest.
You can check if pytest is running with the is_running() function:

import pytest_is_running

if pytest_is_running.is_running():

The package avoids importing pytest if it is not running, so that you don’t incur that overhead in non-test paths.

The package registers its plugin hooks as early as possible in pytest’s process, so it should be loaded before any of your non-test modules.


This plugin is an alternative to re-implementing the pattern in the Pytest documentation.
As a plugin, it is loaded earlier than or any other code in your project.
This makes it a more robust way of checking whether Pytest is currently running.


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