Leverage rich for richer test session output.

This plugin is not published to PyPI yet.

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IMPORTANT: Proof-of-concept

This plugin is mostly a prove of concept and is looking for a maintainer which wants to adopt it.

The plugin currently outputs this:


There’s definitely room for improvement, and the new maintainers are free to improve on that or even change it completely.

I intend to initially add people as maintainers to this repository, and after a while eventually transfer it to another account.

The reason is that I played a bit with it and see promise in a full pytest + rich integration, but I don’t have the bandwidth to maintain yet another pytest plugin, so I’m opening the code to the community in the hope that someone picks it up and gives it the treatment it deserves.

If you are interested, feel free to open an issue.


Distributed under the terms of the MIT license, “pytest-rich” is free and open source software

This pytest plugin was generated with Cookiecutter along with @hackebrot‘s cookiecutter-pytest-plugin template.


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