Python API for libtonlibjson (Telegram Open Network Light Client).
This project is loosely based on formony ton_client

Running service

  • First time: ./
  • Replace server_name in file infrastructure/nginx.conf.
  • Set liteserver_config in settings.yaml to testnet.json or mainnet.json.
  • Create file private/mongodb_password and put password there.
  • Build services: sudo docker-compose build.
  • Run services: sudo docker-compose up -d.
  • Generate certs:
    • Connect to nginx container: sudo docker exec -it pytonv3_nginx_1 /bin/bash.
    • Setup certs: certbot --nginx.
    • Enter email, agree with EULA, choose DNS name.
    • Restart NGINX: sudo docker-compose restart nginx.

Get logs from nginx

  • Run script infrastructure/scripts/ <service-name-from-compose-file>.

Update library

  • (Optional) Set commit in script infrastructure/scripts/ (line RUN cd /ton && git checkout <...>).
  • Run script.


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