Python API for the Crunchdao machine learning tournament

Interact with the Crunchdao tournament API using Python.

If you encounter a problem or have suggestions, feel free to open an issue.


pip install --upgrade crunchdao


Some actions (like uploading predictions) require an apikey to verify
that it is really you interacting with Crunchdao. Keys can be passed to the
Python module as a parameter or you can be set via the CRUNCHDAO_API_KEY
environment variable

Example usage

import crunchdao
# some API calls do not require logging in
client = crunchdao.Client(apikey="foo")
# download current dataset
# get information about your submissions
submissions = client.submissions()
print(submissions)  # this is a pandas Dataframe
# get configure of the current dataset
# upload predictions
predictions = ....  # pandas DataFrame containing your predictions  


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