python-beryl, a Python driver for BerylDB.

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The quick start guide will show you how to set up a simple application using BerylDB’s Python driver.

It scope is only how to set up the driver and perform the simple operations. For more advanced coverage, we encourage reading our tutorial.

Connecting to BerylDB

Let’s create a new file that we will be using to show basic operations. First, we need to add code to conenct to the remote server:

async def main():
  link = Client(host='', port=6378, login='root', password='default')
  await link.connection(Connection.Server)

If you are familiar with BerylDB, you will soon learn that most functions from this driver have the same name as its underlying function.

Check BerylDB’s full list of commands


Let’s look at an example exercising all the different available operations.

We define a key hello with value world

    print (await link.set("hello", "world"))
except Exception as error:     

Let’s try setting a map

    print (await link.hset("a", "b", "c"))
except Exception as error:     

These two code will have the following output (assuming that neither ‘hello’ or ‘a’ are defined):


In BerylDB, different structues cannot hold the same variable name. In order to check what kind of data structure is a given key, you may use type

print (await link.type("a")) # Key

Querying for lists

You can use forEach in order to iterate a result that contains more than one item:

    for item in (await link.keys("*")):
except Exception as error:     

Assuming that keys a and b are defined, this code will have the following output



We are always welcoming new members. If you wish to start contributing code to the Beryl project in any form, such as in the form of pull requests via Github, a code snippet, or a patch, you will need to agree to release your work under the terms of the BSD license.

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