Python Ignition

This project aims to provide Python bindings for ignition-msgs and ignition-transport. It is a work in progress…

C++ and Python libraries for ignition-msgs are generated using Protobuf and gRPC rules for Bazel.

The objective is to generate Python bindings for ignition-transport using pybind11. Interoperability between native Python protobuf
libraries and the C++ protobuf library used in the pybind11 extension module is provided by pybind11_protobuf.


  • Working bindings for a selection of ignition-msgs are available using the protocol buffers native Python implementation. The build rules for the C++ implementation are also available however there is an open issue in pybind11_protobuf that prevents full interoperability in this case (see Notes below).
  • Bindings for ignition-transport are in development. A mock-up of the main interfaces is provided that illustrates the proposed approach.

Install: macOS

Install Bazel and the Google protocol buffers compiler using brew:

$ brew install bazel protobuf

Check the installed versions (protobuf must be version 3.19):

$ protoc --version
libprotoc 3.19.1

$ bazel --version
bazel 4.2.2-homebrew

Build everything

$ bazel build //...


The Bazel build file ign-msgs8=9.BUILD defines targets for a selection of messages.
For example the targets for proto/ignition/msgs/time.proto are:

# proto_library

# cpp_proto_library

# python_proto_library


To use the bindings in C++:

#include "ignition/msgs/time.pb.h"
#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, const char* argv[])
  ignition::msgs::Time msg;
  std::cout << msg.DebugString();
  return 0;

# BUILD.bazel
  name = "main",
  srcs = [""],
  deps = [


To use the bindings in Python:

from ignition.msgs.time_pb2 import Time

msg = Time()
msg.sec = 15
msg.nsec = 21

# BUILD.bazel

  name = "example",
  srcs = [""],
  data = [
  deps = [


There are C++ and Python examples:

  • src/ an example using the C++ protobuf library.
  • python/ign_proto_example an example using the Python protobuf library.
  • python/ign_msgs_example an example using the Python protobuf library and a simple extenson module with functions that accept and return ignition-msgs.
  • python/ign_transport_example an example using the Python protobuf library and an
    extenson module with a mock-up of the ignition.transport::Node interface.

Notes and Issues

protoc version

This version uses protoc version 3.19.1. You must ensure that the version of protoc installed by brew matches (otherwise the examples will segfault).

$ protoc --version
libprotoc 3.19.1

Protobuf generated Python libraries

There are some issues when using the C++ implementation of the generated
Python protobuf library. The brew installation of protobuf will default to
use the C++ implementation, to enable the Python implementation set the environment variable


before building the project.


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