Fake traffic generator for Gartner Demo

Generate fake traffic to URLs with custom user-agents



Tested with Python 3.9.5 and pip 22.0.3 on MacOS 10.15.7

I highly recommend you always run each Python project within its own virtualenv. The commands below assume you have already created and activated a virtualenv for this project.

git clone [email protected]:newrelic-experimental/fake-user-agent-traffic-geneator.git
cd fake-user-agent-traffic-geneator
pip install -r requirements.txt
python generate.py


Configuration is done via the config.toml file.

Global settings

Name Type Description
concurrency int max asyncio primitives
urls list[str] List of URLs to target

Target settings

The target of each request is grouped together into Targets

Name Type Description
allowed_request_types list[str] Allowed request types
url str The URL to request
form Optional[Dict[str, Dict[str, str]]] Form submission details for request (browser only)
form.button_selector str CSS selector of the form submit button
form.inputs.selector str CSS selector for form input field
form.inputs.value str Value to enter into form input field

Request settings

Request specific settings are grouped together into Personas, you can create as many personas as you would like for each run.

Name Type Description
request_type “browser” or “api” How the request should be executed (“browser” is required for RUM)
min_requests int Minimum number of requests to make per URL
max_requests int Maximum number of requests to make per URL
timeout Optional[int] Request timeout in seconds
cache_enabled Optional[bool] Enable browser cache (only used when browser=true)
user_agents list[str] User-Agent strings to use. A random ua will be choosen per request
custom_headers Optional[list[list[str, str]]] Any other headers to send with the request. See the example below for syntax
color str Persona text color in progress bar

Each custom header must be a list where index 0 is the header key and index 1 is the header value. For example:

custom_headers = [["X-Script-Version", "v0.0.1"], ["X-Something-else", "abc"]]


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