Python project template

A template for new Python projects.


  • Automatically builds PDoc documentation & uploads package to PyPI on new GitHub release, thanks to GitHub actions;
  • Tests with pyTest before uploading to PyPI (or you can test manually with workflow-dispatch);
  • Ready-to-go file;
  • Scripts to build documentation and compile as a Python package;
  • A to-do list below;
  • Possibly more ?

Your to-do list

(Approx. time to set up: 15 – 25 minutes)

  • Edit # FIXME lines to match your project;
      • Package name
      • License
      • Version
      • Author
      • Author email
      • Description
      • Keywords
      • Classifiers
      • Repository URL
  • Setup virtualenv (scripts/setup_virtualenv_windows.ps1 for Windows);
  • Rename python_project_template folder and start writing your source code;
  • Add your dependencies to requirements.txt;
  • Update .gitingore with your stuff;
  • Replace this file with a fancier one;
  • Upload code to your GitHub repository;
  • Turn on GitHub pages and use documentation as your pages branch;
  • Add your editior to .gitignore;
  • Add your PyPI API key to GitHub secrets (PYPI_API_TOKEN);
  • When your are done, make a new release at GitHub to build documentation and upload to PyPI;
    • Don’t forget to bump version in everytime you do a new release!!!

That should be it. Happy coding!

If you have any questions or found a bug, please open a new issue in this repository.

Support me

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