Remember linux commands

Commandline tool for remembering linux/terminal commands. It stores your favorite commands in ~/ehh.json in your homedir and provides an interface for searching and running commands. Provides support for filling in arguments with variables in an interactive way (:name).


curl -o && chmod +x

Add it to your path:

sudo ln -s $(pwd)/ /usr/local/bin/ehh

Install python libs:

pip install colorama click

If you want to start with some commands you can use the example ehh.json. The commands in this file are linux based.

curl -o ehh.json && mv ehh.json ~/ehh.json


$ ehh add
> Command: sudo usermod -a -G (:group) (:user)
> Description: Add a user to a group
> Group (optional):

$ ehh ls
> 1   sudo usermod -a -G (:group) (:user)     Add a user to a group

$ ehh run 1
> user: john
> group: docker
(Command sudo usermod -a -G docker john is ran)


$ ehh add

Enter the command you want to store, a description and an optional group.

$ ehh ls QUERY?

List your commands with an index and description. Add an optional QUERY to filter the list.

$ ehh run INDEX|ALIAS
$ ehh INDEX (less typing)
$ ehh ALIAS

Run your command by index. It's also possible to use an alias, it will loop through the matches and ask for it to be run.

$ ehh get INDEX

Get all the details of the command

$ ehh rm INDEX

Remove command by index