this SHOULD work in lenux(if i spelled it wrong spam issues till I fix it) the thing that maby wont work is where it clears the screen then re-prints the battleship board along with some other stuff (to look animated)


the clear wont work in python idle(and if i spelled that wrong spam) because it uses os to clear because I dont know of a better way (you are free to enlighten me in issues)

There Are Probably Tons of bug and\or error

so just spam issues till I fix them like that

If you want to add a ship to be used in the game you need to copy the format of the other ones

so to add a ship simply do this:

ships['<ship-name>'] = [<spaces>, False]]

spaces: int ship-name: string (ofc) always keep the second item in the array False otherwise it wont allow you to use the ship and make sure that you do this after ships is defined :)

Also I will soon add socket to make it a multiplayer game

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