Simple DSL for Macro writers. In other words, a simplified API for macro coders.

Work In Progress ….

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This AddOn is for people interested in writing macros for FreeCAD. The intention is to provide a simplified API for common operations.

Estimated Progress/TODO:

  • Progress Sketcher basic API
  • Progress Basic GUI API
  • Progress Dynamic/Expressions API
  • Progress Draft basic API
  • Progress PartDesign API
  • Progress Part API


  • Use FreeCAD Builtin Addon Manager to install this package.
  • Or Download this repo as a zip file and unzip it in $HOME/.FreeCAD/Mod, then restart FreeCAD.


Once installed and restarted, you can find a demo Macro called: FCScript_Demo.FCMacro. This contains examples.

See: https://github.com/mnesarco/fcscript/blob/main/freecad/fcscript/demo/v_0_0_1.py

Many of the demos require LinkStage3 because mainstream FreeCAD does not support multiple solids inside a body.


GPL 3.0


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