Python – File Organizer

Python file organizer application.
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How to use

  • pipenv is required to install neccessary package

    pip install pipenv to install pipenv
  • After you have pipenv installed
    pipenv install to install the necessary package
  • pipenv --venv to get virtual environment path for interpreter.
  • pipenv shell to enter python virtual environment shell

How to build into exe with pyinstaller

Pyinstaller is going to be installed from pipfile, you can run the command belong to build one.

pyinstaller --noconfirm --onefile -w src/

Find your exe file in dist directory

From me

I’m just doing this project for fun and learning purpose because I was too lazy to organize my own folder…
Then I thought why not spend 5hr building an app rather than spend 10 minute organizing my own folder XD.
At first I was like just gonna write a quick script, then I was like maybe I’ll add a GUI onto it so I can use it later
and that how we got here.


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