Board Game Factory

Contributors are welcome here! See the end of readme.

This is a vector-graphics framework intended for creating
and scaling up production of reusable assets with vector graphics.

It is a thick wrapper around cairo for vector graphics and pango for fully
featured text layout and rendering providing very user-friendly for composing

I’ve developed it personally to satisfy my need for a solid prototyping
engine for board games, but inherently, it is in no way tied to making board games,
even though it contains a couple convenience classes for that (such as CardSheet for
producing printable card sheets out of lists of components).


Requires conda and having conda forge in channels (see

Unfortunately the cairo and pango binary libraries cannot be installed directly
with pip.

conda install cairo pango
pip install board-game-factory


  • High quality rendering – BGF is based fully in Vector Graphics, therefore allowing for renders of arbitrary resolution
  • Component Tree structure – similar to making GUIs in Java, you can embed a component inside a component inside a component…
  • Fully extensible components – the best way to use this framework is to
    create and compose your own components extending base components.
  • Fully dynamic and highly flexible sizing system:
    • Component width/height possible values:
      • INFER – the component decides on its own how large it should be
      • FILL – fill all available remaining space in the parent Container
      • ‘12.34%’ – take up 12.34% of available space
      • 123 – take up 123 pixels
  • Many basic and advanced components are already implemented:
    • Container – base component with a layout manager, you add components into it.
    • Shapes
      • Rectangle
      • RoundedRectangle
      • Circle
      • Line
    • TextUniform – a fully featured text rendering component (exposing most advanced features of pango)
      for rendering text of a uniform style (all characters have same font, size, color, …).
    • TextMarkup – advanced text component supporting markup for strings with multiple styles (boldface words, multiple colors, …)
      • features smart inline laying of icons (any images) for embedding icons directly in text
    • Grid – a special component for creating table structures:
      • each cell can have unique parameters (e.g. layout manager)
      • incredibly flexible row and column definitions (INFER, FILL, %, px)
      • fully featured cell merging
    • just with those few components + LayoutManagers I’ve made all the samples you can see below in the link on imgur.
  • LayoutManagers
    • Absolute – define pixels
    • HorizontalFlow, VerticalFlow – align automatically to row or column
    • Fully extensible, you can write your own


For examples of usage see tests.

Things I made with BGF

Samples of prototypes I’ve made with this framework:


Please report any issues and feel free to try and fix them on your own.

Contributors Wanted!

I would love to welcome people on board who would like to extend the project
or improve it, if you’re interested you can drop in a PR directly or we can first discuss,
you can reach me at adam.volny at gmail dot com.

For a hobby project, I think it has a surprisingly high quality of design and code.
There are is quite a good test coverage, all tests are performed directly against
rendered references. This allowed for controlled development of many of the complex features
in this framework (dynamic sizing & positioning is really difficult with this
amount of supported features).

It could be extended to do many things (e.g. a gui board game asset builder,
coupled with inputs from spreadsheets, …), I would love to hear Your ideas!


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