Graph Mining

Author: Jiayi Chen

Time: April 2021

Implemented Algorithms:

  • Network:
    • Scrabing Data, Network Construbtion and Network Measurement (e.g., Pagerank, clustering coefficient, …)
  • Recommendation:
    • User-based Collaborative Filtering
    • Item-based Collaborative Filtering
  • Community Detection:
    • Spectral clustering algorithm
    • Modularity maximization algorithm


  • python 3
  • networkx
  • pandas

Getting Started

Scrabing Data & Network Construbtion & Measurement

run "/graph_scraping_construction_measurement/"

Collaborative Filtering

run "/collaborative_filtering/"
  • User-based collaborative filtering: “/collaborative_filtering/”
  • Item-based collaborative filtering: “/collaborative_filtering/”

Community Detection

Community number is set to k=2.

run "/community_detection/"
  • Spectral clustering: /community_detection/
  • modularity maximization: /community_detection/
  • Result example: image image


GitHub - jia-yi-chen/Graph-Mining at
Python Implementation of algorithms in Graph Mining, e.g., Recommendation, Collaborative Filtering, Community Detection, Spectral Clustering, Modularity Maximization, co-authorship networks. - GitH...