Python interface for reading and appending tar files, while keeping a fast index for finding and reading files in the archive.

This interface has been successfully used to store and manage over one
billion files in one of the Pilot-2 simulation campaigns.

Written by Tomas Oppelstrup as part of the DOE/NCI Pilot-2 project,
based on an initial (simpler) index implementation by Tomas
Oppelstrup, December 11, 2018. Updated to support Python 3 as a module by Francesco DiNatale.

A script for correctness checking and examples of use can be found in
tests/ The simplest way to run the tests is by e.g.:
cd test

This software is distributed under the MIT license; see the file
“LICENSE” for details. This software was developed at the Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory and has the release number
LLNL-CODE-826782; see the file “NOTICE” for details.


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