Python interface for the DIGIT tactile sensor.


The preferred way of installation is through PyPi:

pip install digit-interface

Alternatively, you can manually clone the repository and install the package using:

git clone https://github.com/facebookresearch/digit-interface.git 
cd digit-interface
pip install -r requirements.txt
python setup.py install

If you cannot access the device by serial number on your system follow adding DIGIT udev Rule


The default connection method to the DIGIT tactile sensor is through the unique device serial number. The serial number
is found on the back of each DIGIT.
See List all connected DIGIT's to find device serial numbers which are connected to the

Once you have the device serial number, reading data from the sensor should be as easy as

from digit_interface.digit import Digit
d = Digit("D12345") # Unique serial number

Upon connection each DIGIT device initializes with a default stream resolution of VGA: 640x480 at 30fps

Further Usage

List all connected DIGIT's:

To list all connected DIGIT's and display sensor information:

from digit_interface.digit_handler import DigitHandler

digits = DigitHandler.list_digits()
Obtain a single frame:
from digit_interface.digit import Digit

d = Digit("D12345") # Unique serial number
frame = d.get_frame()
List supported stream formats:

Additional streams are supported, these streams vary in resolution and frames per second.

To list the available stream formats:

from digit_interface.digit_handler import DigitHandler

print("Supported streams: \n {}".format(DigitHandler.STREAMS))
Change resolution:
Change FPS,

Based on supported fps for each respective resolution. All streams support pre-defined resolutions which can
be found in DigitHandler.STREAMS


Adding DIGIT udev Rule

Add your user to the plugdev group,

adduser username plugdev

Copy udev rule,

sudo cp ./udev/50-DIGIT.rules /lib/udev/rules.d/

Reload rules,

sudo udevadm control --reload
sudo udevadm trigger

Replug the DIGIT device into host.