Python For Beginners

Python Programming Language

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♦️ Python is a very powerful and user friendly programming language. ❄️
♦️ There are some basic sytaxes and indentation rules you need to understand to learn python. 🐱

🔵 This Repository will help you to learn Python programming language from the beginnning.🔆
🔵 Everyone is welcome to contribute. 👫
🔵 Image courtesy goes to ThusharaX/C-programming.👨🏻‍ 💻
🔵 Happy Coding folks.. 😄

🔵 Download Python 3.10 – 👉🏻 Click Here 👈🏻
🔵 Use Pycharm IDE – 👉🏻 Click Here 👈🏻

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Randula Yashasmith Mawaththa


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