Python module for interacting with Netgear's Arlo camera system.

Now supports MFA!

MFA using this library relies on using the Gmail API to retrieve MFA codes. Please see the Wiki for detailed instructions for configuring MFA via Gmail.

Now in Golang!

If you love the Go programming language, check out arlo-golang. My goal is to bring parity to the Python version asap. If you know what you're doing in Go, I would appreciate any feedback on the >general structure of the library, and contributions, etc.


Check out the API DOCS

IMPORTANT: There is a regression in sseclient 0.0.24 that breaks this package. Please ensure you have seeclient 0.0.22 installed.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you don't have ANY other sseclient packages installed in addition to sseclient 0.0.22! This may cause this package to fail in unexpected ways. A common one that is known to cause issues is the sseclient-py 1.7 package. If you have a hard requirement to have more than one, please let me know and we can look into making that work.

IMPORTANT: requires TLS 1.2 for their API. So, if you're getting ssl errors, it's most likely related to your version of openssl. You may need to upgrade your openssl library. If you're running this library on OSX or macOS, they ship with openssl v0.9.x which does not support TLS 1.2. You should follow the instructions found here to upgrade your openssl library.

Filing an Issue

Please read the Issue Guidelines and Policies wiki page BEFORE you file an issue. Thanks.


# Install latest stable package$ pip install arlo --or-- # Install from master branch$ pip install git+

This just a personal utility that I created out of necessity. It is by no means complete, although it does expose quite a bit of the Arlo interface in an easy to use Python package. As such, this package does not come with unit tests (feel free to add them) or guarantees. All contributions are welcome and appreciated!

If you have a specific Arlo device that you want to improve support for, please consider sending me one! Since this project is solely maintained by yours truely and I don't have unlimited funds to support it, I can only really test and debug the code with the first gen Arlo cameras and basestation that I have. I also highly encourage and appreciate Pull Requests!

GitHub - jeffreydwalter/arlo: Python module for interacting with Netgear’s Arlo camera system.
Python module for interacting with Netgear’s Arlo camera system. - GitHub - jeffreydwalter/arlo: Python module for interacting with Netgear’s Arlo camera system.