Python module that parse power builder file (PBD) and analyze code (Incomplete)
this tool is composed of:

  • pbd_dump.py <pbd file> this tool extract files from pbd file and save it to folder named <filename-pbd>
  • analyse_folder.py <folder name> after extract pbd into folder you can use this tool to decompile supported files (“win”, “fun”, “udo”)
  • analyse.py <file-name> this tool is used to decompile one file with extension (“win”, “fun”, “udo”) by create a folder with name of the file and put inside it the code in hierarchical
  • all the above steps is done in one step using python file pbd_analyse.py <file_name.pbd>

please note:

  • the work still incomplete
  • I test against PB version 6
  • the code result from decompilation is not related to any known programming language. I just make it as simple and descriptive as possible
  • I will be happy if someone want to share or modify the code


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