MPP-Solar Device Python Package

Note: python earlier than version 3.6 is not supported

Python package with reference library of commands (and responses) designed to get information from inverters and other solar inverters and power devices

Currently has support for:

  • MPP-Solar and similar inverters, e.g.
    • PIP-4048MS
    • IPS-4000WM
    • Voltronic Axpert MKS 5KVA Off-grid Inverter-Chargers
    • LV5048
  • JK BMS
    • JK-B2A24S (HW version 3.0)
    • JK-B1A24S (HW version 3.0)
  • Victron VE Direct Devices:
    • tested on SmartShunt 500A
  • Daly BMS

Compute hardware support

The python code is designed to run on Linux type python environments using python 3.6 or newer

Hardware that has been known to work



$ mpp-solar -h or $ jkbms -h will display the available options

More detailed usage