Hardfight Devtools

Build, test and deploy Hardfight projects easly

💡 What is it

Devtools is a Python tool to make building, testing and deploying internal hardfight projects easy.
It offers all the scripting power of the python language with a lightweight API to register simple tasks in one script.

🛠️ How to install

Hardfight devtools is available as a PyPi package, you can install it using:
pip install hardfight_devtools
Note that dev_tools is assumed installed to build any Hardfight project.

❓ How to use

This repository itself uses dev_tools to perform build and deploy routines.

On a new project, create a devtools_script.py file on the root.
To declare a new task, add the @dev_tools_task decorator to the function of your task.

from dev_tools.dev_tools_api import dev_tools_main, dev_tools_task 

                desc='Prints "Hello world!" as an example task')
def print_hw():
    print('Hello world!')

Devtools provides a bunch of usefull scripts and functions for build, test and deploy automations (see dev_tools.utils module).
Don't forget to call the dev_tools_main method at the end of your script to make it functional.

# Script entry point
if __name__ == '__main__':

You can then execute your tasks using: python3 dev_tools.py <tasks_1> [task_2] ...

General conventions on hardfight projects

  • If you need additional python scripts for your tasks, add them in the misc/scripts directory in your repository
  • All files related to the meta-project or build (README images, requierments...) have to be in the misc/files directory in your repository
GitHub - Hardfight-Team/Hardfight-Devtools at pythonawesome.com
Python package used on Hardfight projects to make building, testing and deploying easy. - GitHub - Hardfight-Team/Hardfight-Devtools at pythonawesome.com