Python programm to start your zoom meetings

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Initially this was a bash script for starting zoom meetings, but as i started developing it more it became a python program. You can use it for starting, scheduling and maintaining your zoom meetings.


Only required program for starting this is python latest version.


First you need to run python setup.py install and python will handle everything for you. After that you sucessfully installed zoomstarter! If you want to run it open your favorite terminal and type: For gui: zoomgui For cli: zoom [options]


-s [name] for starting meeting
-a [name] [value] for adding link
-d [name] for deleting link
-r for reading all links
-h for help
-c [name] [time] for adding cron to start you meeting
-sw [name] “[value]” for writting your value in zoom chat


Zoomstarter is still in developing and only full supported and tested system for now is Windows. You can still use some functionalities on Linux.


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