What is this?

  • Simple Python image processing & automatization project for a simple web based game
  • Made using only Github Copilot (except the color and screen values)

The Game

Colored Balls

You can try out the game on the official website!

Github Copilot

Yesterday I got access to the technical review of the Copilot. My plan was to make a simple application (including 3rd party libraries etc.) and still only using the Copilot.

In short: I think it is way faster and more efficient than googling everything. The prediction of the comments and code works great, but there are is basic problem with the current system: it is a little bit too agressive.
It was a fun experience using this new technology, but do not worry. It wont replace programmers – at least not yet.

Used 3rd party libraries

Try it out for yourself!

Prerequisites: Python 3.x with the 3rd party libraries

  1. Download the repo.
  2. Adjust the global variables in the colored_balls.py
    2.1 It is designed for 1920×1080 resolution
  3. Run the script with the following command: python colored-balls.py
  4. Enjoy!


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