Python/PyQt Wacom GUI for MATE/KDE


Getting Started

These instructions will help you get a copy of the project up and running on yoru local machine for development/testing purposes.


You will require a few packages to get this working on your system:

  • PyQt4


  • Running from source
    • download the source, run wacom-gui.py from the wacom-gui directory
    • you can also build an RPM from the SPEC file in the wacom-gui directory
    • libwacom-data-0.33 or newer
  • Running from RPM
    • download the RPM, install
    • RPM can be added to a repository for deployment
    • menu option will appear under System > Preferences > Hardware > Wacom Tablet


  • should work with any tablet detected by libwacom
  • per tablet model configuration files
  • supports multiple tablets at once, can be of the same model
  • refresh connected devices without restarting the interface
  • auto-load config on login
  • Configuration Features
    • Express Keys
      • Enable/Disable/Default options
      • supports modifier keys (Alt/Ctrl/Shift)
      • can create custom, global keystrokes
      • can create system hotkeys to run scripts/commands
    • Stylus/Eraser
      • pressure curve, sensitivity, various other options available
      • mapping input to specific display as well as enabling "force perspective" for drawing area
      • rotate tablet at 90° increments, as needed
      • multi-monitor support with toggle to easily swap displays
    • Touch
      • enable/disable, if available for device
      • enable/disable gestures, if desired as well as setting scroll/zoom sensitivity