Python script to check if a wolt restaurant is ready to deliver to your location

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  • Install shapely and configparser (python3 -m pip install shapely configparser)
  • Install libgeos-dev (apt-get install libgeos-dev)
  • add your location to properties file

If you wold like to get a push to your phone, you will need to update the function ‘sendpush’ with a code from your provider
(I use pushover, you can use pushbullet or any other service that has an api)
If you use pushover, you can only update the user and token in the properties file

./wolt.py [-p] restaurant [restaurant] …
-p send push when the first restaurant is available
NOTE – this requires edit of the sendpush function to use your push provider

restaurant name is taken from the wolt url
example: https://wolt.com/en/isr/tel-aviv/restaurant/cafe-noir
in this case “cafe-noir” is the restaurant name

Added support for notifications for MAC or WINDOWS (via WSL only for now)
If you want WSL notifications you will need to download this project:
and set the path for the exe in the config file


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