A python and shell script to set the wallpaper to a wordcloud of the most trending google searches.

This project is inspired from process-wallpaper. You can check it out for the wordcloud of most resource hungry processes running in your system.


  • python3
  • gsettings or feh To set the generated wordcloud as the wallpaper
  • xvfb To simulate a display and run everything in memory
  • firefox web browser

Python dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt
  • selenium To scrape the data from Google trends
  • pyvirtualdisplay Python wrapper for xvfb
  • wordcloud To generate the wordcloud
  • PIL Python imaging library

NOTE You will need to download the webdriver for selenium. Geckodriver (webdriver for firefox) can be downloaded from here.


  • Clone this repo
git clone
  • Change directory to the repo
cd Google-Trend-Wallpaper
  • Run with

This will install all the required dependencies and set the wallpaper.


Run ./ to update the wallpaper to the wordcloud of the latest trends.

You can set your region/country to get the trending searches in line #30 of

You can set the number of days for which you want the trending searches in line #31 of

NOTE If the wallpaper is not set automatically, you can set wallpaper.png as the wallpaper manually.

If you want the wallpaper to refresh/update every hour, you can add a cron job to run the script every hour.

To add a cron job, run

crontab -e

append the following

0 * * * * cd path/to/script/directory && ./ > /tmp/wallpaper.log > 2>&1

This will refresh the wallpaper every hour. You can customize this command to refresh the wallpaper as often you want.