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Python script to SSH into your jailbroken device

Python script to SSH into your jailbroken device

Decrypt iOS Apps

Python script to SSH into your jailbroken device via USB, decrypt an iOS App and transfer it to your local machine.


  • Paramiko:

    • Description: Paramiko is a Python (2.7, 3.4+) implementation of the SSHv2 protocol
    • Install: pip install paramiko
  • iTunnel:

    • Description: A simple command line tool which provides network tunnelling over the USB cable to a jailbroken iDevice
    • Install: Download the latest and copy to /usr/local/bin


  • You have either clutch or bfinject setup on your device.
  • If you use clutch, it should be executable from any path.
  • If you use bfinject the scripts and libraries should be in the /jb/bfinject directory. Here's how to setup bfinject this way.
  • This script was only tested on devices jailbroken with LiberiOS and Electra, but it might work with other jailbreaks.


ios_ssh.py -l <port> [-p <password>] -a <app_name> [-c|-b] [-i]
  -l [--lport]: Local SSH port forwarding (has to be an Int)
  -p [--password]: (optional) Device's root password (default is `alpine`)
  -a [--app]: iOS Application name
  -c : Use Clutch to decrypt
  -b : Use BFInject to decrypt (default)
  -i : Opens a SSH connection with the device and gives an interactive shell, ignoring the decryption task


  • This will decrypt the Instagram app and transfer it from your device to your ~/Desktop:

    • python ios_ssh.py --lport 2222 -p s3cr37 --app "Instagram"
  • This will give you an interactive shell to communicate with your device over USB:

    • python ios_ssh.py --lport 2222 -p s3cr37 -i