Python scripts to interact with the CakeCMS API.

Installation of the python module


The cakecms module has to be installed first.


make install

Potential Issues

You may need to adjust the Makefile to match your python version (also for the official cakecms module). For windows systems one may need to adjust the Makefile as well. Please post a PR if someone knows how to set this up correctly.

Example scripts

For obtaining the right values for HOST, TOKEN and COURSE refer to .

Download course materials (examples/

This script may be used to download course materials by category. The example script also shows how a negative filter may be used to skip some of the files. Note that ExtendedCakeCMS writes data to a hidden cache file in your PWD. This cache file makes sure that no files need to be redownloaded.

This script should probably be copied to a separate directory for each of your courses and then adjusted to match the categories. The category titles are the ones visible in the headers on the webpage.


GitHub - fabian-thomas/cakecmsutils at
Python scripts to interact with the CakeCMS API. Contribute to fabian-thomas/cakecmsutils development by creating an account on GitHub.