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Welcome to the Transpose Python SDK

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A modern python wrapper for the Transpose API Suite.

Getting an API Key

To obtain a free Open Alpha Transpose API key, sign up on our website. API Keys are rate limited to 1 request per second and 100,000 requests per month. If you need higher rate limits for your project or business, don’t hesitate to reach out on our Discord!

Join our Discord to ask technical questions, share what you’re building, and chat with others in the community.


Python 3.8 or higher is recommended

To install the python SDK, you can run the following command:

python3 -m pip install -U transpose-data

Simple Demo

To show just how powerful our data is, let’s get the last ENS domain that expired. All we need is one API call.

from transpose import Transpose

api = Transpose('transpose_api_key')

# get the most recently expired ENS domain
last_expired = api.ENS.records_by_date(type='expiration', order='desc', limit=1)

This returns an ENS Record as a TransposeAPIResponse, which includes data which you wouldn’t be able to easily get from the ENS protocol.




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