FacebookHackerCup-2021 Language License Progress Visitors

Python solutions of Facebook Hacker Cup 2021. Solution begins with * means it will get TLE in the largest data set (total computation amount > 10^8, which is not friendly for Python to solve in 5 ~ 15 seconds). A 6-minute timer is set for uploading the result this year.

Qualification Round

# Title Solution Time Space Difficulty Tag Note
A1 Consistency – Chapter 1 Python Python O(|S|) O(1) Easy Greedy
A2 Consistency – Chapter 2 Python Python O(|S|) O(1) Easy Floyd-Warshall Algorithm, Dijkstra’s Algorithm
B Xs and Os Python O(N^2) O(1) Easy Array
C1 Gold Mine – Chapter 1 Python O(N) O(N) Easy Tree, DFS
C2 Gold Mine – Chapter 2 Python O(N * K^2) O(N * K) Hard Tree, DFS, DP