Security Vault Generator

Quickly parse, format, and output common frameworks/content for

I ripped this out in 1-2 days so it’s at minimum viable product at the moment.


This assumes all packages have been installed via PIP. See Installation for steps on this process.

Just execute the proper build subcommand and will:

  1. Clone necessary repositories.
  2. Parse all artifacts.
  3. Embed frontmatter with tagging.
  4. Format them to .md files.
  5. And dump the files to disk in a directory of your choice.

Assuming your vault is named TheVault, these commands should work to build out the MITRE ATT&CK framework and LOLBAS:

Tip: Select a directory in the target Obsidian vault as an output directory using the -od flag for each subcommand.

python3 mitre-attack build -od ~/TheVault/MITRE\ Attack/
python3 lolbas build -od ~/TheVault/LOLBAS/


Now all you have to do is open the vault in Obsidian:



Pending Enhancements

  • Establish links between technique files and LOLBAS items.


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