Reddit /r/place 2022 headless bot

This headless Python bot will automatically login to reddit, obtain access tokens (and refreshes them when they expire), obtain orders from the C&C server and automatically place pixels at the desired locations.


  • Python >= 3.8
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Rich
  • aiohttp
  • tomli

Installation & updating to a new version

pip install --force git+

Docker image

For people experienced with Docker, there’s also a docker image you can run:

docker run -t --pull=always --restart unless-stopped -u 'USERNAME' 'PASSWORD'


Linux / macOS


The bot supports multiple users:


IMPORTANT: On macOS/Linux, use single quotes, otherwise your shell might interpret special characters.


On Windows, docker is probably the easiest way.

  1. Install Docker Desktop.

  2. Docker requires Windows Subsystem for Linux, so install that too.

  3. Docker requires a kernel update for WSL, install from here: Only step 4.1 is required.

  4. Open PowerShell and run the above listed Docker command, but use double quotes instead of single quotes (or specify a path to a config file, described below).

    docker run -t --pull=always --restart unless-stopped -u "USERNAME" "PASSWORD"
  5. It should be up and running! It will also automatically restart in case of a rare crash.

Specifying users in a config file

Besides specifying the username and password combinations on the command line, it’s also possible to specify them in a TOML config file. TOML is an INI-like file format, see the config-example.toml for an example.

To specify the path to the config file, add the --from-config flag (shorthand: -c):

PlaceNL --from-config config.toml

If using Docker, you’ll need to give the container access to your files, otherwise it won’t be able to find your config.toml file. So use cd to navigate to the directory with your config file, and run the following command:


docker run -t --pull=always --restart unless-stopped -v $(pwd):/mnt -c /mnt/config.toml

Windows (powershell):

docker run -t --pull=always --restart unless-stopped -v ${PWD}:/mnt -c /mnt/config.toml


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