This open source project was created to give an understanding of the Bittrex Rest API v1.1/v3.0 in pearl language.
The sample file shows the methods in accordance with the official specification.
Working with the software product implies a basic understanding of the basics of programming in perl and API.

System prerequisites:

  1. Installed linux OS (ubuntu/centos etc)
  2. Installed Python 3.x
  3. Installed git
  4. Verified Bittrex Account with activated Two-Factor Authentication
  5. Synchronized time on your host computer
  6. Internet access to Bittrex API endpoint /

How to use

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
git clone
cd bittrex-rest-api-py


If you wanna help my project, send your donations to the following wallets:

BTC: 17kZJHjouZqLmMwntg2M6zzdEW3Jivx79o
ETH: 0xda1be63336b49e25201d2f406f01b1989f6146c1

Future plans

  1. Tests and fixes a possible bugs
  2. Writing free bot
  3. Improving stability and performance

Update log

Project created


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